Mira Bartók is an artist and writer who wished she could sing Italian opera while dancing on ice skates on a frozen moonlit lake. But alas, she is too shy for that sort of thing, and has resigned herself to spend most of her waking life writing stories and making pictures. She is the creator of The Wonderling: Songcatcher, the first book in an illustrated middle grade epic fantasy series, forthcoming by Candlewick Press in September, 2017. And, as luck would have it, The Wonderling will also be a movie, directed by award-winning British director, Stephen Daldry (The Crown, Billy Elliot, The Reader, etc.), and produced by Working Title Films and Fox2000. (You can read more about the crazy book to movie deal HERE and HERE). She is also the author of The Memory Palace, a New York Times bestselling memoir and winner of the National Book Critics Circle Awardfor autobiography. She has written numerous books on ancient and indigenous cultures for children (The Ancient and Living Stencil Series), and her writing for adults has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, noted in The Best American Essays series and has appeared in many literary journals, magazines and anthologies. She lives in Western Massachusetts with her musician/producer husband Doug Plavin and their little bat-eared dog Sadie.