I can’t promise that I’ll write you back but I will do my best!
*PLEASE NOTE: I will not respond to questions about arts funding, residencies, or anything else relating to my former arts blog (Mira's List).
ALSO: unless you are an editor at an established publishing house, I do not accept unsolicited manuscripts to review/edit/or blurb. I am also unable to write any blurbs for authors at this time. I am also not doing any freelance editing anymore. Thank you.

Snail Mail: Mira Bartok, P.O. Box 3088, Amherst, MA 01002. 

(I don’t check my P.O. Box that often, just so you know. I will try to be better but I say that every year so there’s no reason you should believe me.)

Literary, foreign, and movie rights: 
Jennifer Gates at, 212-765-6900.

Carrier Pigeon Mail: that would be lovely, now wouldn’t it?

p.s. the best way to connect with me is on Facebook or Twitter.