Wonderling 2 (The Wonderling: Singing Tree) will be out in stores Fall 2023. I had a brain injury in 2018 and that, plus the pandemic, slowed everything down. But have no fear! The sequel to Wonderling 1 (The Wonderling: Songcatcher) will be in your greedy little hands next year. As far as the movie version of the series, your guess is as good as mine. Right now, the project is sitting at Disney. I hope to hear something from them after I turn in the final text and illustrations this fall. Meanwhile, while you are waiting for the next book to come out, you can see some of my Wonderling 2 sketches and other wonder-nuggets on InstagramFacebook and Twitter 

I will be available for school visits this fall 2022 and the spring semester 2023. I will offer both in person and virtual visits, depending on school location and what's going on with the pandemic. I'll post more information soon.  

AND....I opened up two online stores! You can now buy prints, cards, T-shirts, and more with your favorite Wonderling designs on them, plus other designs on Red Bubble and Society6 .

Have a great rest of the summer! For more information about The Wonderling and where to buy it, go HERE.

To listen to a fun interview I did on Great Big Beautiful Podcast with Jamie Green from Roarbots, go here:

“...This beguiling fiction debut from Bartók is just the ticket for readers who revel in quest stories, or those with a soft spot for animal fantasies...With a movie already underway, this book seems preordained for popularity.” Booklist