Dear Readers:

I have been quite negligent in keeping up this website/blog, but will be launching a much better website sometime this year, I promise. In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram where I post lots of drawings and other little wondernuggets. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter   

A lot of people are asking when the 2nd Wonderling book is coming out, and also, what’s going on with the movie. Here’s the latest, as of January 9th, 2021: Publication of the second Wonderling book, titled The Singing Tree, will come out in the fall of 2022 due to delays related to the pandemic. Hopefully, by then, book festivals etc. will be safe to attend. 

As far as the movie goes, Fox2000, the studio that originally had purchased the rights to the book series, was taken over by Disney during the big Fox/Disney merger. Sadly, my beloved all woman team migrated to Sony to create a new studio called 3000 Pictures. (I miss them terribly!) Right now, the Wonderling movie is currently in limbo at Disney. All I know is that I THINK Stephen Daldry is still planning on directing the film. But because of the pandemic, everything is at a stand still. When I hear anything new, I’ll let you know. 

On another note, these are strange and difficult times. We are being tested in so many ways. Please: try your hardest to spread hope and light. Remember who and what you love. Be humble and kind. Work toward peace. Make great art. Tell stories. Love one another. I'll be thinking of you...Love, Mira

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“...This beguiling fiction debut from Bartók is just the ticket for readers who revel in quest stories, or those with a soft spot for animal fantasies...With a movie already underway, this book seems preordained for popularity.” Booklist

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